The Fear Factor


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Barbara Bennett

Nancy and Kim....I am enjoying these shows so much, this was the best one yet. What a great example of the power of forgiveness, Liz and Kate have such beautiful souls, thank you so much for all the wonderful advice.

Kim Martini

WOW! Mom and aunt Liz, you are amazing.

Denise Runyon

This is a powerful show about forgiveness with Liz and Kate. They demonstrated the depth, wisdom, integrity and wholeness that emerges from the process of healing and regaining one's full self. They were so helpful in describing and supporting that it is a process. Their insight and courage is inspiring and I hope you have them on the show again.

Kathleen Azima

Bravo Luz and Kate. You nailed it! Such hope you bring to those who must walk this path of deep forgiveness. And the key to it resides in the heart. Blessings to both of you to how you are showing up to the world with such vulnerability and hard earned truth and wisdom.

Annarose Ingarra-Milch

Another well put together program. Getting the conversation started - keeping the conversation going. Thanks for airing. Look forward to many more episodes of Wisdom.

Nancy Werteen and Kim Howie

Thank you all so much for your support and your wonderfully inspiring comments. Annette, we agree that self forgiveness is an important topic in and of itself. We have just scratched the surface of all that forgiveness entails, and plan to dig deeper as we move forward and continue to fill up our Well of Wisdom. Thank you Liz and Kate for sharing your wisdom and your amazing journey with us and our Wisdom Coalition community. It's always a gift to spend time with you!

Lizzie Jordon

My sister Kate and I noticed how very calm and sedate we were in this conversation and we had a bit of a chuckle over it. Quite often, healing looks NOTHING like that. It is my hope that anyone who has felt or perhaps still feels flipping angry about any part of their experience, that they know beyond the shadow of any doubt that the healing journey is often held ... at volume. It's sometimes messy and confusing and terrifying. If you are left with more questions, please ask them. You are not alone and everything you need to heal you already have. It's under the noise!

Nancy and Kim, thank you again for your strong presence. I am deeply grateful and a fan for life.

Kay Hansen

Thanks Kim and Nancy for another powerful show with lots of wonderful words of wisdom. I'm sure everyone has someone they need to forgive...especially a need to forgive oneself. It is also important to understand how holding a grudge is harmful to one's own health and how everyone can choose to forgive.

Looking forward to hearing more from The Wisdom Coalition.

Annette Carpien

Wow. Your program with Liz and Kate was so wonderful, deep and rich. Seeing both of them so healed, so authentic and so wise will give many others a model for what could be possible for themselves, if they choose to embark on a forgiveness journey.

I imagine that your audience would love more mind-body-heart tools for forgiving ourselves; a rich topic of its own!

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