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Finding Your Authentic Self

In a noisy world, how can you figure out who you really are and why is it important?  In this episode we examine the struggle to find our authentic selves.

Was there a time in your life when you struggled with finding your authentic self?  Why?  And what has helped you to identify who you really are?



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Nichola D Gutgold

This show tackles an important topic for both men and women: how to live authentically. I appreciated the personal examples the hosts and guests provided. This is such a worthwhile program. Thank you!


Even though I am now in my thirties with a fulfilled life, I struggled to find the right path for me in my teenage years. I struggled with the expectations about what I thought people in my life wanted me to be. Through self reflection, I was able to make the decisions I wanted to make and remove added stresses from my life.

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