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The Power of Positive Thinking

Can you change your life by changing your thoughts? In this episode we take a look at the science and the power of positive thinking.

Have you ever used positive thinking to change your mood, your circumstances or the direction of your life? How did you do it?



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Barbara Bennett

Another great show WC! I love your comment Kim about "stinking thinking". Really describes what negative thinking is. Great advice about positive thinking.

Tammy Harding

Our thoughts definitely play a huge part in our joy. What we fill our minds with is important. I found that focusing on the positive things throughout my day helps a lot. A thankfulness journal is a great idea when you are feeling down or sorry for yourself. If we focus on all of the things we are thankful for it will take the focus off of the negative thoughts. It is also important to surround yourself with people who pour positive things into your relationship instead of negative people. Choose to focus on the positive!!


We always have the choice of how we will look at, and respond to, something. This show has some great advice on how to put a positive spin on negative situations and how it can affect the outcome. The guests were amazing and I also enjoyed the tips on growing lettuce.

Thanks for another wonderful Wisdom Coalition program packed with great information.

Jo Ann

Great tips on how to thin lettuce. I've always thinned when they were at the baby stage...and apparently wasted a lot of yummy lettuce leaves! I'll be using this technique all summer, Thank you WC.


Me roommates and I have a "wall of inspiration". We write a positive quote or saying on a piece of paper everyday and tape it to the wall. It is so wonderful because every time we see the wall there is always something new to see, and a new lesson that can be learned from the sayings. Positive thinking helps us to stay motivated and happy!!!

Jo Ann

What wonderful inspiration from Sarah and Louis to remind us that it is possible to "choose joy."


As a child I did martial arts and at my karate school when breaking wood we were taught to push through it as if it wasn't there. We were told by our instructors to imagine the wood as a barrier in our life and we had to visualize breaking down the barrier, as if it wasn't even there to begin with. This has helped me to overcome obstacles in life and think positively when approaching a possible barrier.

Jo Ann

I'm a big believer in visualization....visualize what you want and it will happen. And daily affirmations of that visualization make the outcome even stronger. I use this time and again to great success. it's something everyone can do. Great topic WC!

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