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Numbing vs addiction

In times of stress, many of us go to numbing behaviors like shopping or eating, gambling or drugs and alcohol. What is numbing and when does it become a problem? Can it lead to addiction and what is the difference between the two?

Note: This show is not intended to diagnose or treat addiction, but only to begin a discussion about this important issue. 




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Joan halucha

It can be difficult to recognize when a substance or a behavior is being used to fulfill a need. It's important to take a risk and talk to someone to help get clarity or understanding about what Ian going on. There is a lot of us who have had to make changes.

Liz Russo

I enjoyed being a part of the Wisdom Coalition program and sharing some of my experience in recovery. I hope anyone watching that may be struggling with addiction might relate and know there is no shame in seeking care, and though change may be difficult and uncomfortable, there is a much better life on the other side of the adversities. One day at a time.

Jo Ann

Clever ideas in the kitchen! I have.a scrap piece of granite in my basement. It's long and narrow, but wouldn't that be a cool cheese board on the kitchen island? Everyone can reach it. I love repurposing. Thank you, WC!

Jo Ann

Wise words from Liz about dealing with negative feelings: "It's temporary." You can move through it.

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