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Women's History Month

How can women be their very best and what's holding women back? This special edition of The Wisdom Coalition program explores this question with a studio audience and panel discussion from the Allentown Art Museum inside the Women Of Vision exhibit.

What do you think is the biggest challenge today's women face?



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Melissa Lincoln

Absolutely incredible segment!! Couldn’t agree more with information that was shared tonight. You have no idea how much you ladies have helped me. You both are incredible. The mission that you ladies are on is truly life changing and I can’t thank you enough for bringing attention to these important issues. The mission that you are on is incredibly powerful and so inspiring! Thank you for all that you do. Really looking forward to the next workshop. ❤️

Paula Young

I’ve always been a “self sufficient” kind of woman. Never needing a posse or group of girlfriends to support me and help drive me forward. I felt empowered being a “lone wolf”. After getting involved with Kim and Nancy and the other ladies of The Wisdom Coalition, I began to see what I was missing all these years. The insight, experiences, camaraderie, support, understanding, all of a sudden new opportunities were available for me. I am honored to have been an audience member during this television segment. The panelists all shared so much advice and insights I could relate to. They were all so open and honest and informative. This is a group for ALL women, no matter what you believe your strengths and weaknesses are!

Maria Santacoloma

Women DO need to realize we are all going through the same things at various times in our lives...juggling work, home and families...and so WHY do we compete rather than lift each other up? These women are all inspiring examples of positive thinking and send such a powerful message for ALL of us to remember and pass forward to our next generation!


Great show! Love this topic and all of the topics you address on your incredible show!

Mona DelSole

Great conversation about how women need to and can better support one another. A topic that women sometimes speak about but we needed a show like, The Wisdom Coalition, to deepen the conversation and increase awareness. Thank you, Nancy and Kim, for bringing this topic to the surface and creating powerful dialogue among your guests! We can better empower ourselves and other women by pulling together like demonstrated tonight.

Joellen Reichenbach

Our job is to adjust each other's crowns not to knock them off. So remember when those moments happen and you feel like your crown has been knock off, stand up and adjust your own crown and seek to help someone else too. It will help you find the reward of being alive. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of you show. - Joellen Reichenbach

Candy Barr Heimbach

What a fantastic show! I was honored to attend the taping of this thought- provoking program and was so impressed watching these talented and well spoken women on tv this evening. The message of this program needs to be spread far and wide... we need to support one another and celebrate our victories together. We CAN succeed with the right attitude and work ethic. Thank you Nancy and Kim for sharing this message with all of us!

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