Finding Your Authentic Self

In a noisy world, how can you figure out who you really are and why is it important?  In this episode we examine the struggle to find our authentic selves.

Was there a time in your life when you struggled with finding your authentic self?  Why?  And what has helped you to identify who you really are?


The Power of Positive Thinking

Can you change your life by changing your thoughts? In this episode we take a look at the science and the power of positive thinking.

Have you ever used positive thinking to change your mood, your circumstances or the direction of your life? How did you do it?


Everything Changes

How do you approach the changes in your life? With enthusiasm or dread? Change can be frightening but it is inevitable for all of us in most aspects of our lives. But there is a way to embrace change and use it as an opportunity, we’ll show you how. 

I'm actually working on a Life Lessons segment for next Monday morning at 6:15am which will take a look at a quick, easy way to unwind during the holidays. The health care expert I will interview says it doesn't take long to change the chemistry in your body. Stay tuned! Nancy

Self-Care is the Best Care of All

Finding time to celebrate life and treat yourself is vital if you want to have enthusiasm and energy to take care of all the other people in your life.  But why is it such a struggle for some of us, and how can we realize the importance of putting ourselves back on our own to-do list?


Do you ever feel guilty when you take time for yourself?